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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Broz! This document just helps us to remind some guests (only the naughty ones, we know you are not that kind of, so don’t worry!), that in exchange for sharing our facilities, we just want them to take care of our place as much as they would take of their homes.

Proper use of the room and other areas of the hostel, as well as its elements, will never cause the damages mentioned below.

1. People which it’s not included in the reservation it is not allowed to get into the Hostel.

2. Smoking is banned in all enclosed areas of the building, including windows or balconies. Smoking is only permitted on the terrace, an open space located on the 5th floor. Breaches of this clause by any of the guests of the room, (LAW 28/2005 from December 26), will mean a 100€ penalty to the client who made the reservation, and its payment will be an express condition to continue the stay, otherwise the client will have to leave the accommodation.

3. Failure to abide by these guidelines, bothering other clients/Hostel staff with bad behavior or interrupting the sleep schedule (23h-8h), may lead to the expulsion and/or penalty.

4. We have a kitchen for drinking and eating so it is not allowed to store or consume food or drinks in the rooms for reasons of hygiene and coexistence. Users must clean the kitchen utensils (or leave them in the dishwasher) and leave the facilities in good condition.

5. Each client must mark their food and drinks with name and date of check-out and remove them from the kitchen before leaving. Drinks and food not properly marked will be removed by the hostel staff.

6. Drugs are illegal in Spain. If any guest consumes drugs anywhere in the building, they will be forced to leave the property. No refund will be issued.

7. Reservation Payment must be made at the arrival, during check in, by cash or credit card.

8. Check in is from 13:00 – 23:00 h. Arriving outside these hours could entail an extra cost.

9. Check out is at 11:00 h. Ask for late checkout (subject to availability) to leave the room at 12:30, paying extra 5€/person in a shared room or 10€ in a private room.

10. Guests will not be moved from a shared room to another due to xenophobic, hygienic, racists reasons or another discrepancy. Those who want privacy can pay for private rooms.

11. Do not hang clothes, shoes, towels in windows. Use the lockers to store your belongings.

12. The establishment is not responsible for lost items. We have lockers available with keys.

13. Users must respect the social rules of coexistence and personal hygiene, as well as dress and shoe properly in common areas.

14. If the client does not provide a credit card to cover the guarantee, he must pay a cash deposit of 50€ per room, which will be returned on departure if there are no damages.

15. The hostel reserves the right of admission. Regardless of whether the guest has booked through a travel agency or directly with the hotel. In the event that money has been paid on account, the necessary arrangements will be made for the corresponding refund.

16. The hostel has the right to immediately cancel the accommodation contract, either for stays from tour operators, online points or direct bookings made with the hostel, if the customer has repeatedly violated one or more rules and has already been reprimanded.

17. Groups under 18 years of age must always be accompanied by at least 1 responsible adult for every 10 minors. Those responsible for the group must also be staying at the hostel. They, and not the hotel staff, are responsible for the supervision of the minors. In case of non-compliance with the rules, we will take the appropriate measures.

18. All persons entering the hostel must be registered with their identity card or passport. In the absence of this document the hostel will refuse entry to undocumented guests.

19. Anyone who damages the building or the stock is legally liable within the framework of the regulations in force.

20. Theft and intentional damage will be charged at the actual cost of the material/damage and will be duly reported.

21. Any costs for the replacement of damage or loss of keys, as well as unpaid bills for unpaid extras on departure, will be charged to the credit card or cash deposit as security. If no security deposit has been paid, the hostel will be prepared to take legal action against you in accordance with the law. The hotel has 24 hours to process the corresponding charge and to process the invoice.

22. Customers must respect the hostel’s furnishings. In case of damage or extreme dirtiness in common areas as well as in the rooms, the hostel will proceed to charge the corresponding expenses. Apart from the furniture, we also include: televisions, TV controls, mirrors, hairdryers, towels, unusable bed linen, for example:

• Bunk curtain ripped 5€
• Switching off/handling the fire sensor 70€
• Cigarette burns in bedding 20€/item
• Cigarette burns in furniture 50€
• Loss of the looker key 3€
• Loss of room access card 3€
• Loss of air conditioning or TV remote control 35€
• Roller blind break 85€
• Breakage of furniture (chairs, lamps, sofas, TV, air conditioning, table…) according to price.
• Hair-dryer break 35€
• Shower tap break 40€
• Shower screen break 150€

23. Each person will be provided with one shower towel. Extra towels can be rented for 2€/towel, as well as extra pillows, duvets or sheets.

24. The establishment reserves the right to require a cash deposit per person from individuals and groups. This will be returned on the day of departure, when the rooms have been checked and the keys have been returned.

25. The hostel accepts no liability for bodily injury to guests in the event of carelessness on the part of the guest. If the physical damage is between several persons, the relevant authorities will deal with the matter.

26. The hostel assumes no legal responsibility for luggage left in the rooms or left in common areas, nor for bicycles left in the courtyard. Nor can the hostel be held responsible for loss of money or electronic items.

27. Guests must respect both daytime and night-time opening hours (especially night-time opening hours) with regard to noise. It will only take one complaint from a guest for the hotel staff to request that no more noise is made. Both in common areas and in the rooms.

28. The client can request our luggage storage service for an additional cost.

29. For our security and yours, it is forbidden to receive people in your room who are not registered at reception.

30. It is forbidden to have parties in your room, to have meals or drink alcoholic beverages in your room.

31. The allocation of places and bedrooms will be made taking into account the best organization, distribution and use of the establishment for the largest number of users taking into account the availability of the facility at the discretion of the management of the Hostel.